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On-Site equipment

On-Site Equipment (12/2/2016)
House Console- located in control booth at rear of Hall
QSC Touchmix-16 (digital)-20 total inputs: (12) XLR, (4) XLR/TRS combo, (2) stereo ¼” TRS; all channels 4-band parametric EQ with hi/lo shelving, variable 24db/octave HPF and LPF, gate, compressor
Console controls the P.A. system (stereo system), Front Fills, two channels of stage monitors. Program feed to the dressing rooms via group out and distribution amplifier. Remote control via iPad or cell phone with App.
Auxillary Console
Midas M32 (digital)-40 simultaneous input channels. 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses. 8 stereo signal processing effects engines. Wireless remote control with MIDAS Apps for iPhone and iPad.
Midas Venice 320 (analog)-24 mono, four stereo inputs, four group, two stereo, six aux outputs, XL4 preamps. XL3/XL4 four-band state variable EQ, talkback section.
It controls the P.A. system (stereo system), two channels of stage monitors, and a program feed to the dressing rooms. 
Set-up at the rear of the auditorium with access to stage via a 48 x 12 Whirlwind analog snake. Inputs are paralleled SR and SL. XLR breakouts are available at FOH and stage left for consoles in each location.
Speaker Systems  
Mains- per side
(2) QSC KLA12 90deg x 18deg full-range boxes mounted on
(2) QSC KW181 18” active subwoofers
Ground-stacked at the extreme down stage right and left of the apron. Processed via a DBX Venue 360 processor.
Front fills
         (2) QSC K8 Active loudspeakers
(4) QSC K12 Active loudspeakers
House Snake
48x12 terminating in a Mass Connector at the back of the Hall, parallel input boxes stage left and right and a Mass connected split stage left. XLR breakouts are available for each Mass Connection.
Analog Processing Equipment:
• (4) channels Audio Logic/DBX 1/3 octave e.q.
• (4) channels ART Pro VLA compressors
• (1) TC Electronics M-One XL reverb/signal processor
• (1) TC Electronics D-Two digital delay 
Playback Equipment
Mac Book Pro operating various software (MS Powerpoint, QLab, iTunes, etc…)
Denon DN-600F CD player
HHB BurnIt CDR-830 player/recorder
Wired Microphones
• (10) Shure SM 58 (one with switch)
• (8) Shure SM 57
• (2) Shure SM 81
• (4) Sennheiser 421
• (3) Crown PCC
• (4) Shure Beta 98
• (1) Shure Beta 52
• (2) AKG 414
• (2) Shure MX418 gooseneck
+ miscellaneous booms, stands, and cable
Wireless Microphones
         (4) Sennheiser EW300G3 systems
                  (4) Handheld transmitters with Sennheiser 835 capsules
                  (4) Bodypack transmitters
                           (4) AT831CW cardioid lavalier
                           (2) Countryman E6
                           (2) Sennheiser ME3 headsets
(1) Clear-Com WBS-670 providing 4 channels of wireless com
(4) Wireless beltpacks
(1) Clear-Com PS-702 2-ch base station (1-ch provided throughout house)
         (6) Belt packs
         (10) Headsets
(1)DSAN PerfectCue presentation remote
a.    2-button remote
b.    3-button remote with green laser (pending)
(2) Dinofire presentation remote with green laser

ETC Ion with 40ch Wing-
• 134 2.4kw ETC "Sensor" in a dimmer-per-circuit configuration using 20A old style 3 pin twist connectors.
• Circuits are distributed in the following manner (see rep plot):
                           Position                        Quantity
              1st Ante proscenium      17 circuits
                           2nd Ante proscenium     21 circuits
                           1st Electric                     17 circuits
                           2nd Electric                    19 circuits
                           3rd Electric                     20 circuits
                           Sidelights: SR                15 circuits
                           Sidelights: SL                 15 circuits
                           Floor pockets                  2 circuits each SL/SR
                           Cross-over                      2 circuits each SL/SR
Lighting Instruments (see Rep Plot for standard distribution)
Front of House:
(21) 26 degree Source Four E.R.S. (750w) permanently hung in the 2nd AP 
(17) 36 degree Source Four E.R.S. (750w) permanently hung in the 1st AP 
-please note: we cannot change the type, position or configuration of these instruments. They may be colored, focused and assigned to a channel.
Available Over Stage: see Rep Plot for common distribution
(22) ETC Source Four 26deg
(26) ETC Source Four 36deg
(15) ETC Source Four 50deg
(32) ETC PAR
(16) PAR 64
(05) R-40 Strips (4 circuit- permanently hung downstage of the 3E)
(4) Elation Platinum Spot LED II
         Elation Antari HX350

(1)Panasonic PT-DW11K (housed FOH in upstairs booth)
a.    11000 lumens
b.    16:9 (WXGA) native
c.     HDMI
(1)Panasonic PT-DW730 (spare)
a.    7000 lumens
b.    16:10 (WXGA) native
c.     DVI-D
Barco PDS-902-3G Presentation switcher
3 runs Cat5e each from booth to Stage Left and Stage Right for various AV needs
Sony SLV-D38OP DVD/VHS Player
Oppo BDP-103 BD player
MacBook Pro laptop loaded with various playback software
UniVox SLS-300XF transmitters provide a Loop System throughout the seating area
(1) DSAN PerfectCue presentation remote system
d.    2-button controller
e.    3-button controller with green laser pointer
(2) Dinofire presentation remote with green laser pointer



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