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hall specifications

43 feet at proscenium

Full Stage:
26 feet at center
24 feet at the shallowest point of the apron's curve

All teasers and borders trimmed at approximately 17 feet (dead hung). There is no fly loft.

All curtains are black velour and can act as legs or full stage travelers. Measurements taken from the apron at center stage:
• Blue Grand Drape: 2 feet upstage
• 1st Leg: 9 feet
• 2nd Leg: 13 feet
• 3rd Leg: 17 feet
• 4th Leg: 22 feet
• 5th Leg (upstage blackout): 25 feet

PLEASE NOTE: All softgoods are permanently hung and cannot be struck. Limited "Westcoasting" can eliminate many borders.

Dark Blue Grand Drape is electric powered (not hand operable). Pull time is 22 seconds.

Permanent movie screen (42 feet by 16 feet). The screen cannot be removed.

The stage flooring is maple over joists and cushioned sleepers, and offers excellent resilience. (Screws or nails may not be used in the floor.)
Rosco Dance Floor for entire stage is available. (Use of rosin on this floor is not permitted.)

For optimal acoustics, the ceiling slopes; height at cyclorama is 18 feet, height at 1 Electric is approx 24’ (see section)
• 11 Unistrut tracks set on 4 foot centers from center stage from 1 Electric to the cyclorama.
• Tracks run up- and downstage, not across stage.
• Hooks and pulleys available to fit track for hanging drops, legs, etc. Load per point not to exceed 20 lbs.
• 3 electric pipes trimmed at approximately 18 feet (dead hung).


We have a 3 phase 5 wire Camlok panel rated at 200 amps per leg 55' from DSC and approximately 32' from a normal stage left wing position. Sorry! No shore power is available.

The two (2) dressing rooms are located adjacent to stage right wing and are equipped with two wheel chair accessible restrooms, one with an accessible shower, make-up counters, mirrors, and chairs. Dressing Room "A" is designed to accommodate 6 people easily but can take 12. Dressing Room "B" is designed for 4 but can handle 8 when necessary. There are no single or star dressing rooms. Limited laundry facilities are in an adjacent building. Quick-change facilities may be set up in the wings unless they are crowded with your sets or props.

In addition to equipment installed in Campbell Hall, Arts & Lectures owns:
• Four (4) sections of Wenger Acoustic Shell.
• One (1) Steinway 9' Concert Grand Piano.
• One (1) iron, ironing board and steamer.
• Twelve (12) Wenger orchestra chairs.
• Twelve (12) Manhasset music stands.

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campbell contacts

Erik MooreTechnical DirectorCampbell Hall
Avery WheelerPublic Events ManagerCampbell Hall